How to Write a LinkedIn Headline that will Attract Recruiters

Jul 01, 2018

When recruiters or hiring leaders review your LinkedIn profile, the first area they see is your profile headline. Your LinkedIn profile headline is the very first sentence opposite your photo and under your name. 

Having a well-written profile headline can help catch a recruiter’s attention by giving him/her a clear understanding of the value you offer from a professional standpoint and where you are interested in moving next.

First, let’s look at what not to do when crafting your headline and why. The three examples below are what we (recruiters), unfortunately, see 99.9% of the time.

Example #1 of what not to write in your LinkedIn profile headline: 

‘Marketing Director at X company’ or ‘Marketing Director’ or ‘Software Engineer’

95% of people note their current job title and or place of employment. This is a wasted use of the headline area (you have 117-character spaces to use for your headline). ...

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4 Steps to Ensure You Get the Call to Interview

Jun 01, 2018

Are you tired of sending in your resume and not getting the opportunity to interview? I've heard this frustration time and time again. I've outlined 4 steps to overcome the main challenges that professionals of all levels are affected by when applying for positions of interest. 

If you'd rather watch me walk you through the step-by-step instructions, head over to my YouTube channel and watch my free video tutorial for step-by-step instructions about how to implement these steps.

Challenge #1 
On average over 75% of resumes sent by candidates are NOT qualified for the role -- which means, most candidates don't know how to effectively self-qualify for the role in question.

Step #1: Self-qualify for success.
Self-qualify with two key questions and you will know with certainty if you're qualified to apply for the position. You will then spend your time applying for positions that you’re genuinely...

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The 6 Best Resume Tips to Land the Interview

May 01, 2018

Having been a recruiter for 15+ years, I have screened, reviewed and REJECTED thousands of resumes. Less than 10% of resumes submitted are moved to a phone screen! 

The recruiter is one of the two gatekeepers between you and your next interview. The other gatekeeper is the ATS system (the online applicant tracking system). The ATS searches your resume for relevant keywords, content, and qualifications based off the Job Description you applied to!

'When I am asked to share my thoughts on how to write a great resume, there are two options that typically come up:

1.) Write your own resume (NEWS FLASH!!! If you can read this blog you can write your own resume!  Use the easy to follow step by step strategy that I teach that will result in your next interview! 
Use a resume service/writer (No guarantees it will work successfully! If it is not customized for the specific job description, which it typically is not, your...

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6 Ways to Get an Interview without Applying Online

Apr 01, 2018

1. Optimize your LinkedIn Profile.
Grab the recruiters attention in 6 seconds or less. Be easily searchable for the positions you’re interested in most. 

  • 100% of the candidates I have hired for my clients over the last 10+ years have come from my LinkedIn network or a referral from LinkedIn.
  • 89% of recruiters have made hires through LinkedIn (source Bullhorn)
  • Enroll in the LinkedIn Master Course to optimize your profile for 3x more jobs (and much more).

2. Make a Coffee or Lunch Date.
Reconnect with friends, past colleagues, and bosses who work with companies that are of interest to you. The higher degree of relevance these companies have to your current industry and work experience, the better. Networking is still one of the best ways to land your next role. 

3. Get a Personal Referral or Recommendation from an Internal Employee (ideally Manager level and above) 
A personal referral or introduction can and will open...

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