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career tips Mar 08, 2019

Happy St. Patrick Day! 

As I look back on my life and career so far, I'd love to say I had it all strategically planned out since leaving university. But, in all honesty, as I headed into the professional world, I did not have anything planned, besides my World Tour for 15 months ! :).

What did help me professionally was connecting with some great people, making some half decent choices, being open to taking risks and being brave enough to step outside of my comfort zone. That being said, I also believe that in many cases I got a good sprinkling of 'luck' too.  'Luck of the Irish,' I hear you say! But luck is not just for the Irish. I do believe you can create your own luck. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, let me share my tips on how to ensure you get the LUCKY breaks you deserve in your career! 

When it comes to job searching or interviewing, there can be some random luck involved, but much of your success will come down to the luck you create for yourself by being proactive, prepared and not giving up. 

How can you land an interview without even applying for a job?

Three great ways to make your own luck…and have your next job come to you. 

  1. Make sure your LinkedIn Profile is optimized and searchable (is your job title industry standard & typically used for your range of experience/responsibilities !)
  2. Consistently (2X a month) connect with new hiring leaders that are with companies who would be considered competitors or are in a relevant industry space. Then make sure to stay in touch 1X every 6-8 weeks!
  3. Stay engaged with your network (personal and professional) and make sure they know what you do professionally and that you are interested in learning more about their organization.

Pro Tip: Execute on  2 of the suggestions above, and you'll radically increase your opportunity to be invited for interviews without ever sending in a resume!

 How to increase your odds of landing the interview when you do apply online?  Increase the odds of your resume landing on the ‘must-call pile' by following these three steps:

  1. Apply for roles for which you'll be considered qualified.
  2. Customize your resume.
  3. After you apply online, research and then connect with the hiring leader to introduce yourself and share the value you can offer their team and company.

How to make sure you get that promotion?  Ask questions! Make your own luck by asking your boss what is expected and required to position yourself as a TOP candidate for the promotion you want.

  1. Start by scheduling a meeting with your boss. Let her know you’d like to discuss your career development and next steps for your career.
  2. Develop a clear list of your achievements to date, goals met, performance reviews, and additional projects above and beyond your current role, that you have taken on successfully.
  3. Ask her where she sees the next opportunity for you? (Does it align with your goal?)
  4. Gain a clear understanding of what you need to specifically learn, achieve, improve, etc. to position yourself for your next career step. 
  5. Discuss soft skills, and other areas she feels you need to improve or develop to move your career forward (These are just as important in securing your promotion!)
  6. Check back in every month to ensure you are on track.

 Whoop Whoop! You've been invited for an interview!

Let's ensure you ACE it!  Make your own luck by preparing for both the behavioral and general interview questions you'll be asked in advance.

FACT: 85% of the questions you'll be asked in the interview can be anticipated!! Let me show you how! 

Step # 1 in making your own luck, visit and sign up with today.

Xoxo Saoirse


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