Saoirse (seersha) Downey

Founder of Treasure Career Counseling.

Creator of 'How To Get Hired!'

An online coaching program with proven success! 

My name is Saoirse (Seersha) Downey and I am originally from Dublin, Ireland (hence the impossible Gaelic name).

My goal as a career coach is to guide, support and empower professionals and job seekers to stand out as the TOP Candidate and Get Hired!, even in the most competitive of hiring environments.

I have been a career coach, recruiter, and recruitment advisor to bay area and top global organizations for over 15 years. During my career, I have successfully recruited, interviewed, coached and hired entry through executive professionals in Product Management, Finance, Marketing, Tech, Ops, Creative, & HR roles. So, I KNOW what it takes to Stand Out and Get Hired! 

My coaching style and program 'How To Get Hired!' will be a great fit, if you are motivated to learn and incorporate the skills and strategies that will ensure you stand out as the Top Candidate and Get Hired!  The skills and strategies you will acquire during the coaching program will be ones that you'll use repeatedly throughout your career (since most careers last up to 40 years!)

I will walk you step by step as you learn to craft an irresistible resume (and no, you don't have to be a gifted writer!), optimize your LinkedIn profile so you get 5X more interviews, grow & nurture a network that will share 3X relevant job leads and ace your next interview, so you get HIRED!

When I’m not working, you can find me bike riding to the beach with my three children, husband, and Zeus (our cute doggie); hanging out with friends over glass of champagne or vino; going to a spin or yoga class; skiing in the winter; or horseback riding and jumping in the freezing, beautiful sea around Kinsale Harbor during the summer when in Ireland! 



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