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Essential Career Collection

Individual Contributor, Director, VP & C-Level Professionals 

> Develop a winning Four-Section resume

> Finesse your interviewing skills

Optimize your LinkedIn profile (to see 3X more job opportunities)

> Build a professional network (for 2X more job opportunities) plus +++

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ACE Your Interview with Confidence

> Your confidence is waning

> You feel nervous and overwhelmed 

> Tired of getting the Interviews but NO job Offers!

> Learn how to anticipate and prepare for both job-specific and general interview questions

> Hone your communication skills and body language 

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Develop Your Four-Section Resume

> Follow the Four-Section Resume format that gets the consistent thumbs up!

 > Learn where to find relevant content and how to personalize it (so it reflects your voice and personality!)

> Learn to Tailor your Resume if you want to Land the Interview 

> Discover the Winning Email of Introduction (replaces the tired old cover letter!) that Will Open the Doors you want!

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Optimize LinkedIn for 3X More Jobs

> No relevant incoming job inquiries arriving in your LinkedIn mail box!

> Your network is not producing any exciting opportunities

No idea of how to OPTIMIZE your LinkedIn profile

> Discover the 3 WHY'S behind using LinkedIn

> Learn the step by step HOW to Optimize a Stellar Profile

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Is the Essential Career Collection for you?

Seven-Step master course with online tutorials that are short and easy to digest. Master the essentials to move your career forward today. Join me for a 1:1 personal coaching session that will ensure you are on the path to career success!


"As I looked to move from a Product Manager role to UX, Saoirse's material and tutorials helped me synthesize my most relevant experience so my resume opened the doors I wanted. Above all, she got me immediate results, more replies, callbacks, and getting further in the interview process and ultimately getting the JOB OFFER'"

Sr. UX Designer, Equinix

"After taking a leave of absence from a high-flying career, Saoirse's tutorials helped me rewrite my resume and gave me a clear playbook to land the opportunities I’m cut out for. "

Design Executive, Huawei Technologies

"I was very pleased with Saoirse and the 'Ace the Interview' master course. Her advice was spot on, very insightful, and very friendly. The next interview I had, I aced it... & got the job offer' "

Sr. Channel Partner Marketing Manager, Amazon

"She gave a me a lot of helpful, constructive feedback. When you are looking for work, it helps a great deal when someone is honest and encouraging to you. Saoirse has plenty of both. I can highly recommend her"

Office Manager, Text 100

"Saoirse's Essential Career Collection provided me with a new understanding of the job searching world. With my newly reformatted resume and LinkedIn profile in place, interview skilled fine tuned, I was able to find a great position. Saoirse knows her stuff, tells it like it is, and is committed to your success"

Creative Account Director BrightTalk


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