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Upon completing the 7 step Essential Career Collection Master Course, you will have ESSENTIAL Knowledge, Steps, and Tools to find your DREAM JOB and REACH your personal CAREER GOALS, as they evolve and develop over the course of your career.


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Essential Career Collection

New Graduate

This Master Course was specifically designed to move you confidently and successfully from the classroom to the workplace, by providing you with the knowledge and insights you need to develop a successful career strategy today and in the future.


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Entry Level

This Master Course was developed to successfully move your career onwards and upwards! You'll learn about top career tips from Hiring Leaders that want to hire candidates just like you, and the proven steps you need to follow to win your Dream Career today and in the future.


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Mid Level

This Master Course provides a tailored career strategy on how to evolve your career to the next level, re-enter the work- force after an extended absence, overcome career challenges, & build out a professional network that will see value in your professional experience.


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Executive Level

This Master Course (Dir.-‘C Level) was developed to share insights on how to stay 'in-demand' in a highly competitive market, by positioning yourself as a 'Thought Leader', & nurturing your network. How to be an inspirational & motivational leader each & every day!  


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"Saoirse helped me synthesize my most relevant experience into an extremely useful set of materials resume, addendum, etc.). She taught me to focus my efforts and streamline the way in which I was presenting myself. 

Above all, she got me immediate results. After only a couple of sessions, I was getting more replies and callbacks, and getting further in the interview process. "


"Saoirse is a gem of a recruiter and career counselor: after taking a leave of absence from a high-flying career, I've reached out to my professional network: Saoirse stood out immediately as a self-starter: in the most genuine way she rewrote both my résumé and play book about how to present my self in order to land the opportunities I am cut out for. "

Design Executive

"I'm feeling renewed excitement and confidence about my job search now, knowing that I will be a more serious contender for the jobs I'm applying for, as I've fine-tuned my resume with the experience and achievements most likely to interest hiring managers for a particular position."


"I was looking for a career change but stuck in my search.  Saoirse helped me identify my strengths, target opportunities, and how to best position myself for specific roles. She worked with me to update my resume so it better reflected my expertise and my background.  Now when I send it out, I almost always get a call back, which wasn't the case before. "


"Saoirse's number one goal - not to sound canned - is to help people realize and achieve their dream job. "



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