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Saoirse Downey

The legend

Saoirse (seersha) a native of Dublin, Ireland, is an entrepreneur of 2 deeply intertwined and complimentary organizations-a Recruitment company and a Career Counseling company. The latter, which now has morphed into the Successful and Proven Online Master Course the 'Essential Career Collection'.  Saoirse is a world traveller (14 heavenly months on the road a lifetime ago, which needs to be repeated again), a wife, mother, wanabe dancer and yogi, connector of people, a dream pusher whose philosophy is 'onward and upward’.

Whether you are Gen X, Millennial or a up and coming Gen Z Professional, Saoirse’s entire professional career and mission in life has been helping professionals of all levels (Executives to Entry level) realize their full potential in the workplace. She has time and time again successfully helped clients navigate and transition into new careers that will inspire, motive, and challenge them to learn and grow personally and professional.

Her secret sauce comes from her ability to  empower clients with the confidence and the critical career insights needed to successfully overcome career related challenges and obstacles.  

In answer to ongoing challenges faced by many professionals Saoirse decided to design a unique and successful formula found in the ‘Essential Career Collection’.

What you will find in the Master Course are the highly valuable career insights and knowledge she has gained over her 20 year career. During this time she has successfully supported and guided Candidates throughout their evolving Career Journey, as well as,  being the chosen Recruitment Partner for Hiring Leaders of global start ups and mid & large size organization across eCommerce, B2B and B2C Tech, Fin Tech, Non Profit, etc. as they look to hire new employees just like YOU to their team.

As a result, she truly knows what an ‘A candidate looks like in the eyes of a Hiring Leader. She also knows that it takes a PROACTIVE, prepared, driven, determined and motivated candidate to be successful in today’s highly competitive job market.

If you are NOT MOTIVATED, DETERMINED, PROACTIVE, PREPARED and have a PROVEN PLAN to work against……… you will left sitting on the sidelines while other pass you by.  

Saoirse is a big believer that we ALL OWE it ourselves to put the time in to find a Job and Career that will work harmoniously with the life that we want to live. Just imagine how much more prepared, confident and empowered you will be if you have a Proven and Successful Career Plan & Strategy in place to follow. One that will evolve as your career does and will position you as an 'A Candidate that hiring leaders will want to hire.  

So I invite you to join me in the 'Essential Career Collection', your go-to Career Strategy and Plan for a Successful Career today and in the future!



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