How to Ask for a Raise and Get It!

Aug 01, 2018

As a career coach, I often speak with employees who have been in a certain role or with an organization for a long period of time and have the mindset of ‘I'm due a raise!’ Usually, he/she has this mindset because of one or all of the following reasons:

  • tenure (they've been with the company or in a certain role for x number of years)
  • good attendance (in at 9am; out at 5pm)
  • positive reviews (received a consistent ‘meets expectations’ on their reviews)

Unfortunately, in today’s highly competitive environment, the above reasons usually aren't enough to position yourself as the top contender for a raise or promotion. Instead, make it your goal to say 'yes' to the following six questions before you request a meeting with your manager for a raise or before your next performance review.

Six Questions to Ask Yourself

    Have you consistently exceeded your employee evaluations on all levels for, at least, the...
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