Four great TIPS to successfully reenter the workforce after an extended absence

Apr 02, 2019

Getting back into the workforce after 1/3/5 or 10 years raising children, taking care of a loved one, or doing some extended travel, can be a daunting idea for many. This is something I often help professionals with, as well as tackling their many questions

  • Will someone want to hire me?
  • How do I position my time away in a positive manner? Where does this go on my resume?
  • I haven’t interviewed in years!
  • My resume is outdated, and I’m not sure where to begin
  • LinkedIn profile … what LinkedIn profile? 

In this months blog, I want to share four great tips to get you on your way to your next interview and job offer, even if you have not been in the work environment for 8+ years!  

There IS a great company that will want to hire you. In fact, you may already know or be connected indirectly to your next employer!  

No 1. Networking is one of the tops ways to land your next job!

  • My recommendation is to make a target list of companies (20+...
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