You deserve to have a CAREER CUPID in your corner!

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2019

As a coach and recruiter I have acted as Career Cupid to many professionals and of course, Hiring Leaders looking to find their next great hire;

While some of the professionals are actively seeking their next role (active job seekers), many others I connect with from a recruitment standpoint, are not even thinking about making a move (passive job seekers) ...until that perfect opportunity landed in their lap! I get giddy even thinking about those conversations;  the excitement expressed when hearing about a role, team, hiring manager, and organization that seems to be tailor-made just for them! 

As Valentine's day approaches I want to share how you too can enlist and leverage Career Cupids to help you land your next position or better still have it find you and from a Hiring Leaders perspective, how to find your NEXT GREAT HIRE. 

There are FOUR types of career cupids that can help you move your career to the next level:

Career Cupid # 1) A ‘great’ recruiter - (More often than not, they’ll find you if your LinkedIn profile is optimized and searchable).

Alternatively, if you are a Hiring Leader, you should also have a Recruitment-Cupid, i.e., a reputable search firm and partner, that you know you can turn to as you look to fill critical roles in your organization. Connect with me to learn more about how  Treasure Search Partners can help you build a top-notch team TODAY.  

For job seekers here are some Tips on how to figure out if your recruiter is going to be a good partner? 

When you are approached by a Recruiter, warning signs that they may not be a great partner or advocate:

  1. The role does not make sense to you based on your experience or seems like too great a leap i.e., (you are a manager today, and they are suggesting a VP level role)
  2. The recruiter cannot adequately describe the environment, leader and organization. Time to say 'Thanks but no thanks!'

If presented with an opportunity, the role should have clear alignment with your experience from a functional standpoint, industry and even environment.

Positive signs that will indicate they will be a great partner:

  1. The recruiter talks with knowledge of the company and role.
  2. The role will allow you to add value based on your experience while providing opportunities for continued growth and learning 
  3. The recruiter is interested in hearing about what you are looking for in your next role. They are not pushy or just looking for a quick resume submittal, and will wait or even suggest you customize your resume

Career Cupid #2) A career coach - (Provides the direction, insights, tools  and even a 'kick in the pants' if needed to get you on the path to success.)

This may include:

  • Helping you understand the positions you'll be considered a top candidate for, those that will be a stretch and those you'll need a miracle to land
  • How to write a resume that lands the interview
  • How to prepare to Ace your Interview, or get a promotion
  • How to develop a network that opens more doors to job opportunities
  • How to stand out in a highly competitive market

A career coach will help you position yourself and your experience, so it aligns to the roles you are interested and qualified for, and better still can show you how to have relevant job leads come to your door! 

Career Cupid #3) Your Network – (Lots of lots of potential career cupids to leverage, IF they know and can articulate the value you can offer to others in their organization or team).

Tips to help your network cupid be successful:

  • Have your elevator pitch or answer to 'What do you want to do next?' developed and memorized, so it is crystal clear, and you can share it at the drop of a hat, with no ‘em’s, ah’s or buts!'
  • If you can’t tell your friends,  past colleagues or those you meet at your kid's soccer games, party's, yoga, etc. what you want to do next, or the value you can offer, it’s pretty much impossible for them to recommend you to their boss or organization.
  • If you are actively looking for your next role, makes sure your LI profile share a clear, concise message on your area of expertise, and the value you can add to a prospective organization, as this is one of the first places people will look to learn more about you! 

Career Cupid #4) YOU - The very best investment you can make in your career is in yourself.

So, whether its time, money, energy or all three, you deserve the opportunity to find your dream job in 2019. Invest in yourself, your career, your success, and happiness!

Find and connect with your CAREER CUPID to help you land that next role.

Happy Valentines!






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