Four great TIPS to successfully reenter the workforce after an extended absence

Getting back into the workforce after 1/3/5 or 10 years raising children, taking care of a loved one, or doing some extended travel, can be a daunting idea for many. This is something I often help professionals with, as well as tackling their many questions

  • Will someone want to hire me?
  • How do I position my time away in a positive manner? Where does this go on my resume?
  • I haven’t interviewed in years!
  • My resume is outdated, and I’m not sure where to begin
  • LinkedIn profile … what LinkedIn profile? 

In this months blog, I want to share four great tips to get you on your way to your next interview and job offer, even if you have not been in the work environment for 8+ years!  

There IS a great company that will want to hire you. In fact, you may already know or be connected indirectly to your next employer!  

No 1. Networking is one of the tops ways to land your next job!

  • My recommendation is to make a target list of companies (20+ ideally) that align from industry, technology and size perspective to the last two companies you worked for, before taking your time off.
  • Brainstorm and list out all your personal contacts, i.e., ( friends, relations, past colleagues, cross-functional peers, past bosses, don’t forget the friends you made of the last years (their spouses may be working if they are not), your children's friends’ parents who work). Networking is one of the tops ways to land your next job!
  • For the best ROI, when you apply online, focus on positions that align with the last role you held and are with companies that are in a relevant space to your last employer.

Pro Tips:

  • Use LinkedIn to research your personal contacts and where they work today. You can find the name of the Dept. Hiring Leader using LinkedIn too. Don't forget to check out the company website, media page and careers page. Then list out your top 20+ personal contacts that work at a place of interest.
  • Do your research using LI, company website, etc. on the companies and Hiring Leaders who work at companies you are interested in joining. List out your top 15+ companies and Hiring Leaders.
  • Don’t reach out to reconnect, until you have your resume developed, & LI profile optimized. Have your story, what you want to do next and the value you can add memorized!
  • Send a brief 2.0 Cover Letter to the Department Leader. Personalization and company research in addition to showing how you can ADD VALUE is the key to success. 

We do a deep dive into the power of leveraging your next work in the 'How to Get Hired' 1:1 coaching program! IT WORKS! Just this month alone two of my Coaching Clients landed job offers from their networking efforts!! Whoop, Whoop! 

No2. Highlight the professional experience and the value you can offer first, then explain your absence.

As you develop your resume, begin with a great Professional Summary, i.e.,  a 5-7 line overview of your professional experience, highlighting your functional area of expertise, years of experience, industries and environments you've worked in as well as cross-functional partners, etc. all the while referencing the value you can offer.

Pro Tip - Use the job description as a guide.

Where to explain your absence from the workforce?

Under the ‘Professional Experience’ section develop 3-4 lines in italics that explain your absence from the workplace. Make it personal, fun, or humorous when possible

Over the last 10 years, I was able to take time away from the workplace to raise my 3 children. Now that they are all at school and able to make their lunch, breakfast & dinner, do their own laundry and clean up after themselves (Ha, Ha! Only kidding I wish!), I can jump back into the professional world. Looking forward to sharing my 8-years of experience as a Product Marketing Manager with a hi-growth B2B organization.’

 No 3. Interviewing is all about practice and preparation. You can typically prepare and anticipate 85% of interview questions.

Pro Tip: Use the job description as a guide to help you figure out what questions you'll be asked.

No 4. Update your LinkedIn Profile using your resume as the foundation, so you can be found by hiring leaders and recruiters.

Pro Tip: Use your resume as the foundations, but only share give 50-60% of what you noted under each role held! Did you know that 89% of recruiters make hires through reaching out to professional on LinkedIn, let that next hire be you!

As you can see, there are several effective ways to position yourself as a top candidate as you look to reenter the workforce, land the interviews you want and get Hired! I coach on all the above in the How To Get Hired 1:1 Coaching program. If you need more guidance, partnership, and direction, let’s connect today!


It's time for you to make your Career your priority! 

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