Executive Level - Master Course

Do any of the following resonate with your experience?

  • Unexpected company re-organization
  • Out of a job after 20 or 30-years of continuous employment
  • Haven't developed a resume in years and are wondering where to start
  • Extended absence from the workforce
  • For the first time, your network hasn't provided the next opportunity
  • Need to switch industry focus because of evolving market conditions
  • Job search has taken over six months
  • Spending days searching job postings and sending resumes without response
  • Interviewing but never getting an offer


Why choose Saoirse and the Essential Career Collection?

Reap the benefits from two private one-hour coaching sessions in addition to the six-guided weekly master classes that review each master class should you have questions or challenges. Then drop into my weekly open offices hours (Weekly Sessions with Saoirse) for review of a bonus class and Q&A session. My goal is to ensure you get the support you need to move through any and all of your career-related challenges swiftly and successfully.

I have over 20 years of experience as a highly respected and successful Recruitment and HR partner to Hiring Leaders from top global companies, across many industries as they look to recruit, interview and hire candidates just like you! Yes, really! 

Over my career, I have successfully recruited, coached and hired hundreds of executives candidates who have won their dream job, across many functional areas. 

What do you need to be the winning candidate?

1. A great master resume (that you'll tailor for every role you apply to)!

2. An optimized LinkedIn profile so the jobs you want will come to you

3. A strong network! Learn to grow and nurture a network that will result in more job opportunities coming to you

4. Learn to effectively Qualify Yourself, Tailor Your Resume, and Connect with the Hiring Leader, to ensure you get the opportunity to interview when you next send your resume in for a position.

5. You'll also get the inside scoop on the Top 26 General Interview Questions (& Answers!) and learn how best to answer Job-Specific Questions using STAR stories that ensure your answers will be on point!

6. You'll become more aware of the effect your body language and communication skills can have on those around you and yourself during high-stress interview situations. Better still you'll learn how to communicate the positive message you want!

Then you can confidently and successfully WOW the phone and in-person interview, and get that job offer!

Let me share my extensive experience and knowledge as an Executive Recruiter, HR Partner to C' level Hiring Leaders from top global organizations and as a Career Coach, so you will be that Winning Candidate! 

The job market today, especially in high growth market areas is getting more and more competitive at the Executive Level.

Are you considered a 'Thought Leader' in your space? If not, let me help you get started.

Do you know how to stay relevant and employable as an Executive Leader? 

If not, let me show you how to stay relevant, in demand and in control of your career,  so you can confidently and successfully move your career forward today and in the future. 


What you'll learn during the master course is outlined in the syllabus of tutorials listed below

1. Build your Master Resume 

Tutorial Overview- Build out your Resume Workbook, Sections 1-4

Tutorial 1- Section 1 (Professional Summary)

Tutorial 2- Section 2 (Core Competencies)

Tutorial 3- Section 3 (Professional Experience)

Tutorial 4- Section 4 (Education and Optional Headers)

Tutorial 5- Find Your Resume Template  


2. LinkedIn for Career Success

Tutorial Overview – Why LinkedIn will Move your Career Onward and Upwards 

Tutorial 1- Optimize Your Profile - and the jobs you want will come to you!

Tutorial 2- Leverage and Build Your Network - and you'll see more job opportunities come your way

Tutorial 3- Build Your Thought Leadership platform - stay visible and top of mind amongst your Industry peers and leaders

Build a Stellar and Optimized LinkedIn Profile

Tutorial 4- Intro

Tutorial 5- Articles

Tutorial 6- Experience (& Job Titles) 

Tutorial 7- Featured Skills

Tutorial 8- Recommendations


3. Build Out Your Network 

Overview Tutorial- Build Out Your Network

Networking with Friends

Tutorial 1- Networking with Friends 

Tutorial 2 –Research 

Tutorial 3- Ask for the Introduction 

Tutorial 4- Develop a Winning Email of Introduction

Grow Your Professional Network

Tutorial 5- Build Out Your Professional Network

Tutorial 6- Research 

Tutorial 7- Develop a Winning email of Introduction

Tutorial 8- Sleuth the Title, Name & Email Address

Tutorial 9- Final Tips for Continued Networking Success


4. Ensure You Get the Call to Interview!

Tutorial Overview- Ensure You Get the Call to Interview

Tutorial 1-  Self Qualify for Success

Time to Tailor

Tutorial 2- Professional Summary

Tutorial 3- Core Competencies

Tutorial 4- Professional Experience

Make It Personal

Tutorial 5- Develop a Winning Email of Introduction

Tutorial 6- Sleuth the Title, Name & Email Address


5. Phone Interview Success

Tutorial Overview- Phone Interview Success 

Tutorial 1- Researching the Company

Prepare In Advance for Interview Questions

Tutorial 2 - STAR Stories (how to ace position-specific questions)

Tutorial 3 - The 26 Top General Interview Questions & Answers

Tutorial 4- Questions For You to Ask

Communication Style 

Tutorial 5- Your Communications Style and Final Tips for Success


6. WOW the In-Person Interview

Tutorial Overview- WOW the In-Person Interview

Tutorial 1- Pre-Interview Preparation (Continue Company Research)

Prepare In Advance for Interview Questions

Tutorial 2 - STAR Stories (how to ace position-specific questions)

Tutorial 3 - The 26 Top General Interview Questions & Answers

Tutorial 4- Questions for You to Ask

Tutorial 5- Your Body Language -The Powerful Effect it has on You and Others 

Tutorial 6- During the Interview - How to Continue to Wow that Interview

Tutorial 7- Post interview - Final Tips for Success  


 7.    Negotiate your Salary

Tutorial Overview- Negotiate Your Salary with Confidence

Tutorial 1- Own the Salary Conversation 


*Bonus Tutorials for Executive Level Professionals* 

  • Bonus Tutorial #1- Top 50 Questions Executive Leaders should be Asking Every Day and  The 15 Best Questions to Prepare for Your C'Level Interview
  • Bonus Tutorial #2. How to Successfully Move Up the Executive Ladder!
  • Bonus Tutorial #3. Can a Recruiter Really Help Me Find my Next Executive Position? 
  • Bonus Tutorial #4. A Career Change? 


My goal is to eliminate the career challenges you are facing today by empowering you with successful easy to follow strategies that will give you the opportunity to interview, WOW the Interview and get the job offers you want.

What would you like to tackle first?
The challenges you are coming up against today as you look for your next role? Want to do interview preparation on how to answer general or job-specific questions, or fine-tune your job search strategy and where you need to focus your attention, finesse how your communicate your professional story or your time away from the workplace? Whatever it is, let's get started, today!

15% discount if you are unemployed today!  Just note 'unemployed' in the coupon code area at check out.



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