How to Get Hired! 3-Part Comprehensive Online Coaching Program with Saoirse (seersha)

Do you want to: Land more interviews? Have your dream job come to you? Know with confidence how to ACE your interview? Get the most competitive salary? (Your answer should and can be 'YES'!)

Unfortunately for many active job seekers or proactive professionals (who wonder why they are not getting their dream job or relevant job leads sent to them via LI or their network), the following may seem more familiar...

Need to find a new job after; 

  • An unexpected company re-organization or out of a job after 8 or 15+ years of continuous employment
  • Just graduated from your MBA program and looking for your next opportunity

Or perhaps you are just ready ...

  • For your next career challenge
  • To re-enter the workforce after an extended absence

But you are ...

  • Getting few to no relevant job inquiries via LinkedIn 
  • Getting few to no relevant leads via your network 


  • Your job search has taken over two months
  • You are spending days searching job postings and sending resumes without response
  • Not sure how to really prepare for your interview to reduce missed opportunities
  • Interviewing but never getting a job offer!

If any of the above scenarios are standing between you and your DREAM JOB, let's change that today. 
You don't have to do this alone!

Instead, choose to partner with Saoirse, an expert in job-search strategy, recruitment, and career coaching to be your career coach and guide to your Dream Job.

How To Get HIRED! 

Part 1 -Learn how to write a STELLAR Resume & LinkedIn profile 

  • You'll learn step by step how to write a Master Resume & LinkedIn profile. 

  • How to develop a Cover Letter AKA the Winning Email of Introduction.
  • Plus 1 hour of supporting video tutorials to ensure you can customize your resume in less than 20 minutes, learn how to stand out from your competition & land EVERY INTERVIEW.

Part 2 - Grow Your Network

  • Join me to learn how to build out a targeted list of companies that will want to hire you and personal connections that will make valuable introductions!

  • 1.5 hours of supporting easy-to-digest video tutorials, workbooks, and Tip Sheets to ensure you make the most of your personal and professional network.

Part 3 - Ace Your Interview (& Negotiate Salary with Confidence)

  • Learn how to WOW the phone and in-person interview with confidence and what you must say to the interviewer before leaving the interview. 

  • Learn how to negotiate a competitive salary 

  • 2 hours of supporting easy-to-digest video tutorials, workbooks, and Tip Sheets to ensure your success as you prepare for your next interview. 






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