Executive Level (Director- C' level) - Master Course

What you will learn

1. How to Develop and Build a 'Best in Class' Master Resume

2. How to Develop a Stellar LinkedIn Profile that will have recruiters and hiring leaders knocking down your door with exciting opportunities. 

3. Why Developing and Nurturing a Professional and Personal Network is Crucial to your Overall Career Success. How to build your target list of companies and your personal network so they will result in job opportunities.

4. How to get the interview - The 3 Pearls of Wisdom that will ensure you get the opportunity to Interview!

5. How to ensure a successful Phone Interview - The 4 Pearls of Wisdom that will ensure you Ace the Phone Screen

6. How to WOW the In-Person Interview - Just Prepare, Practice and Plan for what's to come, Pre/ During and Post Interview to ensure you WOW the In-person interview and get the job offer! 

7. Salary Negotiation - How to tackle the salary questions with confidence, ensure you get the very best and most competitive offer and why you don’t always just ask for the high-end of the salary range?

Syllabus of Tutorial Videos

1.Develop your MASTER RESUME 

Tutorial Overview- What’s ahead – WHAT is a MASTER RESUME?  Building out your Resume Workbook, Sections 1-4

Tutorial 1-Section 1 (Professional Summary)

Tutorial 2-Section 2 (Core Competencies)

Tutorial 3-Section 3 (Professional Experience a&b)

Tutorial 4-Section 4 (Education and Optional Headers)

Tutorial 5- Your Master Resume takes Shape  


2. Get NOTICED! Build out a Stellar LinkedIn Profile that will have Recruiters & Hiring Leaders Knocking Down your Door!

Tutorial Overview – Why Linked is a critical part of your professional Strategy. LinkedIn’s 10 key sections.

Tutorial 1- Importance of Your Profile Header (section 1) and Articles / Blogs (section 2)

Tutorial 2- Titles (section 3)– What a difference your title will make!

Tutorial 3- Skills (section 4), and Recommendations (section 5) and the value these sections will add!                                            

Tutorial 4- Your LinkedIn Profile photo

Tutorial 5 – How LinkedIn can move your Career onwards and upwards!


3. Become a Networking Machine- Build out a Professional & Personal Network that will result in future Job opportunities

Overview Tutorial- Why building out Your Professional and Personal Network is Crucial to a Successful Career Strategy Today and in the Future!  

Tutorial 1- Networking with Friends – 3 Target Lists of Friends!

Tutorial 2 –Networking with Friends continues- Research your Top 10-15 + Companies.

Tutorial 3- Networking with Friends continues- Ask for the Introduction to the Department Leader

Tutorial 4- Take Action- Develop and Send a Winning email of Introduction

Tutorial 5- Build out Your Professional Network and your Target Company Lists

Tutorial 6 –Professional Networking continues-Research your Top 10-15 + Companies

Tutorial 7 – Take Action-Develop a Winning email of Introduction

Tutorial 8 - Sleuth the Email Address

Tutorial 9- Top Networking Takeaways to Ensure Continued Success


4. Ensure You Get the Call to Interview!

Tutorial Overview- Tired of sending resume after Resume and getting NO RESPONSE! The 3 pearls of Wisdom that will ensure you get the opportunity to Interview

Tutorial 1- Pearl of Wisdom #1. Self Qualify for Success

Tutorial 2- Pearl of Wisdom #2. Time to Tailor (your Resume of course!)

Tutorial 3 – Pearl of Wisdom #3. Make it personal (Connect with the Hiring Manager)


5. Successful Phone Interviews

Tutorial Overview –Failure is NOT an Option! Ace the Phone Interview with the Four Pearls of Wisdom!

Tutorial 1- Pearl Wisdom #1. Researching the Company

Tutorial 2 - Pearl of Wisdom #2. Prepare in ADVANCE for the Questions you’ll be Asked!

Tutorial 3 - Pearl of Wisdom #3. The Questions you can Ask

Tutorial 4- Pearl of Widom # 4. Your Communication Style!


6. WOW the In-Person Interview

Tutorial Overview- WOW the in-person interview by Preparing, Practicing and Planning Ahead for what’s to come!

Tutorial 1- Pre-Interview preparation and the 3 Pearls of Wisdom that will make all the difference! Pearl of Wisdom #1. Researching the Company

Tutorial 2- Pearl of Wisdom #2. Prepare in ADVANCE for the Questions you’ll be Asked!

Tutorial 3- Pearl of Wisdom #3. Your Body Language-The Powerful EFFECT it has on YOU and OTHERS and 15 Common Body Language Blunders! 

Tutorial 4- During the Interview. Continue to Impress and Questions for You to Ask

Tutorial 5- Post interview. Prepare to send a 'Thank-You' note


 7.    Negotiate your Salary

Tutorial Overview- Own and drive the salary conversation, so you know you are getting the most competitive Salary when you move roles next!

Tutorial 1- How to Confidently and Successfully Negotiate a Competitive Salary

*Bonus Tutorials for Executive Level Professionals* 

  • Bonus Tutorial #1- How to Build out your Thought Leadership platform and Personal Brand using LinkedIn- An Essential Step for Director level and above Professionals
  • Bonus Tutorial #2- Questions Executive Leaders should be Asking Every Day
  • Bonus Tutorial #3- Can a Recruiter really help you? Insider tips when working with a Recruiter- 8 Facts you NEVER knew!

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