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 Write an Irresistible Resume ✔ Quickly customize your Master Resume so you get 5X more interviews                                                                                                                                                    Optimize your LinkedIn Profile so 3X more jobs come to you   Use LinkedIn to build your personal brand and network so more job leads come to you!                                                              Use the sample Winning Email of introduction AKA the 2.0 Cover Letter to open the door to your next job opportunity. 

Experienced Executive


Director, VP & C-Level 


Rising Star Executives


Director - VP and Team Leaders



IC and MBA Graduates; Manager level 

We have successfully developed Master Resumes for Technology professionals (CTO, VP – Director Technology, Software Engineers, Technical Project Managers, Program Managers, Solutions Architects, Technical Consultants) Finance, Marketing, Sales, Product Management, Operations, Creative and Human Resources professionals.

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"Although I had a solid 10+ years of experience, great longevity in two roles, I found myself looking for a new position having just left two different jobs in less than 2 years. Saoirse developed a great Master resume. She also taught me how to customize my resume quickly and effectively, so I landed my very next interview! "

VP Product Management, Jackie (B2C)

"I worked for the same company for over 15 years and needed to develop a new resume that would highlight my experience for my ideal next role and company. Saoirse developed a fantastic Resume and LinkedIn profile in less than 5 days. "

Director of Community Outreach, Emily (B2B)

"I had to develop a new resume for a role I was applying to. Saoirse was easy to work with and I got a great new resume in less than 5 days. "

CTO/ VP Technology, Randy (B2B)

"I needed my resume redeveloped and I wanted it to focus on highlighting my creative, graphic design and presentation skills. Saoirse worked with me 1:1 to understand my ideal next role and developed a resume that was spot on! "

Presentation & Multimedia Specialist, Zac (B2C)

"I suddenly found myself, laid off for the 3rd time, in less than 4 years. Despite great references from every employer, my experience was beginning to look very jumpy. Saoirse did an amazing job developing a resume that really addressed my experience in a manner that reflected the job descriptions I was most interested in pursuing next! Landed the interviews I wanted and got hired! "

Sr. Mobile Marketing Manager, Laura (B2C)

"I chose Saoirse to develop a new resume after working with the same organization for 8 plus years. Not only had the hiring landscape changed in the last 10 years, and become much more competitive but job titles and qualifications had also morphed. She helped me align my experience and responsibilities to job titles that were a better fit based for my experience. The result was a clear, professional resume. "

Technical Program/ Project Manager, Michael (B2B)

"I worked with Saoirse as I had my sights set on landing a QA role as Final Cut pro lead, with a large corporate organization. Although I had over 4 years experience with the technology, I had no previous experience working as QA lead. I loved the one on one time Saoirse spent with me, as she looked to understand my experience and how to align it with the job description I was interested in applying to. She presented a super resume in 3 days that I sent in for the position, landing the interview and the job!! "

QA Lead, Josh (B2C)

"My new resume effectively highlight my areas of expertise as a Sales leader, my specific industry knowledge and my accomplishments and wins clearly."

VP Worldwide Sales & Partnerships, Scott (B2B)

"Saoirse brings a wealth of knowledge from her many years of Recruiting experience. What I found extremely helpful was her ability to highlight as she condensed all of my experience to make my LinkedIn profile look super appealing ! It was a pleasure working with her, she is patient, kind and open with her knowledge sharing. You learn a lot from her online content as well. All in all, a great experience and I would highly recommend her."

Technical Project Manager, Sudharsana (B2B)

"Thank you for being detail oriented and changing the wording until its was “just right”. I do like my new LI profile. It’s a great refresh and feels like a new start, thank you."

Executive Director - Operations, Karen (Healthcare)

"Saoirse developed a top class Resume and her tutorials on customization helped me complete resume rewrites and minor edits ensuring the best representation of my experience, tailored for the opportunity I was pursuing. Amazing experience across the board...way more than just a new resume! "

VP Marketing, Liz (Ecommerce)

‘How to Get Hired!’ is a comprehensive, personalized career coaching program.

Join me for lots of 1:1 coaching. Plus you'll get access to fun, easy to digest video tutorials, awesome Tip Sheets and Workbooks to make your learning experience fun and enjoyable.

Alternatively, if you need support and coaching to fine-tune interviewing skills or want to have a top-notch resume and LinkedIn profile developed, check out 'Resume Writing' link or 'Ace the Interview' option under the 'Career Coaching' link.

Let's jump in, get you over the finish line and signing those job-offers!


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