Ace the Interview with Confidence (& Negotiate a competitive salary)

FREE 4 YOU - if you are impacted by the Tech downturn.  


You can ANTICIPATE 85%+ of the questions you'll be asked during the interview!!

Let me show you how, so you can enter your next interview feeling 100% prepared, and confident.  

Is this program right for me?

If you are getting consistent requests to interview both via phone and in-person after sending your resume in or through networking, then this is the right program for you. 

Feeling nervous or not confident about interviewing?

Not for much longer, I promise you.

  • Few professionals are taught how to interview or how to prepare to ace your a result, many of even the smartest professionals run into challenges during their interview that can result in losing the job offer!! 


Once you learn interviewing fundamentals and master the principles, techniques, and strategies I will teach you during ACE your Interview, you will be looking forward to your next interview!! 

Get stuck in today & ACE your next interview

Video Tutorials & Tip Sheets will guide you every step of the way! as you learn:

  • HOW to decode the job description and prepare for 85% of the questions you'll be asked!
  • The most frequently asked general interview questions and how to best answer them... (answers provided to guide you:)
  • How to develop and answer behavioral interview questions effectively
  • To become aware of your communication style and body language and the effect it can have on the interviewing team! 

 Ace the Phone Interview 

The phone interview is a critical step to prepare for since if you don't ACE the Phone Interview, you will never get the invitation for the In-Person Interview.

  • Assess your verbal and communication skills to ensure you connect with the interviewer, and that your tone, speed of speech, inflection, etc. reflects the personality you want it to! 

WOW the In-Person Interview 

Continue with Pre-Interview Preparation that we started in Ace the Phone Interview. This includes doing a deeper dive into everything you began to learn and master from Ace the Interview!! 

  • Learn the exact step by step strategy to effectively using the STAR story formula to choose and write the best answers for Behavioral Interview Questions 
  • Use my top General Interview Questions (& Answers) Tip Sheet, to develop and write out answers to the toughest and most frequently asked General Interview Questions 
  • Assess your verbal and communication skills to ensure you connect with the interviewer
  • PLUS we examine your body language to ensure it sends the positive message you intend and much more! 

Negotiate Your Salary with Confidence 

This masterclass is a great compliment to the first two masterclasses, as your salary is an important part of your job search and interview discussions.

  • When or if you should share your salary information. 
  • Learn how to negotiate the most competitive salary for your experience!

To gain optimum value from our online interview & coaching sessions plan to dedicate a minimum of 2-3 hours over 2-3 days preparing, and practicing your answers to behavioral and general interview questions, before your next interview. Practice makes perfect... or at the very least builds confidence. 




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