Ace the Interview with Confidence

Learn to HOW to anticipate the job-specific questions likely to be asked! 

If you have a job description that you are due to interview for, send it on and I will show you how to break it down into 3-6 actionable sections that you can anticipate and prepare answers to questions that are likely to be asked during the interview!

Feeling nervous or not confident about interviewing?

The more time you spend developing and practicing your

  • STAR Stories 
  • Answers to the General Interview Questions

the more confident you will become entering an interview scenario.

1:1 Coaching

We start with a 30-minute 1:1 strategy session via video to review where you are experiencing your biggest challenges during the interview. 

I develop a personalized plan to overcome these challenges using the online tutorials as a support and guide. 

Online Tutorials 

Master Class 1- Ace the Phone Interview 

  • This is a critical step to master since if you don't ACE the Phone Interview, you will never get the invitation for the In-Person Interview.
  • In this Master Class, you will be first introduced to the Three Pearls of Wisdom for Interview Success that you will continue to master and fine-tune in WOW the In-Person Interview Masterclass. 

Master Class 2- WOW the In-Person Interview 

  • In this class, you get to really dig deep and truly master STEP ONE- Pre-Interview Preparation and the Three Pearls of Wisdom that you first touched on in ACE the Phone Interview
  • We complete Pre-Interview Preparation by introducing a Master Class the looks at The Effect Your Body Language can have on the Interview! 
  • STEP TWO - Continue to WOW During the Interview, reviews what you should be mindful of during the interview and what you can bring to the interview to show position yourself as a TOP Candidate.
  • STEP THREE - Post Interview Wrap up.

Master Class 3- Negotiate Your Salary with Confidence 

  • This masterclass is a great compliment to the first two masterclasses, as your salary is an important part of your job search and interview discussions.
  • In fact, your salary requirement should be discussed by the end of the first phone interview if both parties are interested in moving forward in the job interview process.
  • Learn your legal rights
  • When or if you should share your salary information. The pros and the cons of sharing your salary.
  • Learn how to negotiate the most competitive salary for your experience!

In order to gain optimum value from our 1:1 mock interview/coaching session plan to dedicate several hours and days developing your STAR Stories for the job-specific questions & the answers to General Interview Questions before booking your mock interview/coaching session.

 1:1 Coaching or Mock Interview

Send me a job description and we will use it to conduct a 1-hour mock interview via video. (Feedback and recommendations shared) 


Can a Recruiter Really Help Me Find My Next Job? 

Learn 8 Ways to Ensure You Get the Most Out of Your Recruiter and Have Realistic Expectations!

                     Last Words to Ensure a Successful Job Search 

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      TAKE the STRESS, FRUSTRATION, and ANGST out of your job search and

                                 INSTEAD get the RESULTS YOU WANT! 

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