Resume & LinkedIn profile Development

LEARN to Write a GREAT Master Resume & LinkedIn Profile

Do any of the following challenges resonate with your experience?

  • You haven't developed a resume in years and are wondering where to start
  • Your resume and LinkedIn profile needs updating and refreshed with more relevant language so it passes the ATS(online tracking system)
  • Your resume does not communicate the value you can offer clearly or the direction you wish to continue your career
  • You are getting few to no relevant incoming inquiries via LinkedIn
  • The resume you have been using has not been working
  • Or you have been spending days searching job postings and sending in resumes without a response!

Why choose Saoirse? 

  • Saoirse has over 15 years of experience reviewing, accepting, and rejecting resumes for top-tier clients and global tech organizations in the highly competitive Bay Area.
  • She will pull back the curtain on how to ensure your resume passes the ATS checks (the online applicant tracking system) every time and how to successfully pique the recruiters or hiring managers' interest. 
  • She has hands-on experience recruiting and hiring hundreds of candidates via connecting with them first via their LinkedIn profile. She'll optimize your profile so it comes up in searches that align with your ideal next role and experience.
  • She shares her tips and secrets for success with you on how to develop a resume that will open the doors you want!!  
    • Seasoned Executives: Controllers, Directors, GM, VP, at large complex organizations and SVP, and 'C level executives
    • Rising Star Executives: Director - VP level at small-mid sized organizations and startups
    • Fast Track Professionals: Manager/Sr. Manager and team leaders (IC)

FACT #1.  Your resume and your LinkedIn Profile are the first points of contact that a Hiring Leader or a Recruiter will have with 99.9% of job seekers and professionals. So it makes sense to develop an IRRESISTIBLE Resume and LinkedIn Profile!

FACT #2. A customized resume will get 10X more interview callbacks. 

  • Learn how to customize your resume in less than 20 minutes with Saoirse's engaging video tutorials and get up to 5X more calls to interview.

 Your Irresistible Resume & LinkedIn Profile

You'll get access to 1.5 hours+ of short easy to digest video tutorials that will teach you how to successfully: 

  • Write a great resume
  • Learn to self-qualify for the jobs you want
  • Customize your resume in less than 20 minutes
  • Optimize your LinkedIn Profile
  • Build your personal brand, thought leadership platform, and network via LinkedIn 
  • Learn how to write a GREAT Cover letter 

And a FREE Tip Sheet - Wow the In-person Interview

 Tip Sheets, & Templates included in the Tutorials

 It's time that your resume and LinkedIn profile position you as a TOP CANDIDATE, so you get the interviews you want and Get Hired! 


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