Craft & Customize an Irresistible Four-Section Resume & LinkedIn profile

FACT #1. Your resume and your LinkedIn Profile are the first points of contact that a Hiring Leader or a Recruiter will have with 99.9% of job seekers and professionals. So it makes sense to develop an IRRESISTIBLE Resume and LinkedIn Profile!

Fact #2. Writing an Irresistible Resume or an Effective LinkedIn profile is DIFFICULT, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE! 

FACT #3. Crafting and customizing a top-notch resume & LI profile is an essential LIFE SKILL, that you'll use again and again during the course of your 30-40 year career. Not to mention gaining the ability to maximize the number of interviews you are called for! 

Let me show you how I have made it absolutely achievable and dare I say 'easy'!

Enroll in the laser-focused Master Course 'Craft & Customize an Irresistible Four-Section Resume,' to learn & master the skills and knowledge you need to win 3X MORE INTERVIEWS today and in the future!

Do any of the following resonate with your experience?

  • Unexpected company re-organization or laid off
  • Out of a job after 5-15+ years of continuous employment
  • Want to find a more challenging role
  • Ready for a change of environment

But…and it’s a big BUT

  • You haven't developed a resume in years and are wondering where to start
  • Your resume and LinkedIn profile needs updating and refreshed with more relevant language
  • Your resume does not communicate the value you can offer clearly
  • You are getting few to no relevant incoming inquiries via LinkedIn
  • The resume you have been using has not been working
  • Spending days searching job postings and sending resumes without response


The answer to crafting an irresistible resume and LinkedIn profile that will get you the interviews you want lies below in three easy to follow master classes! 

As a Recruiter (Founder of Treasure Search Partners Recruitment Firm) and recruitment advisor to Hiring Leaders for over 15 years, I know exactly ...

  • What a BEST in CLASS resume looks like = The Four-Section Resume Master Resume! 
  • What it takes to Ensure Your RESUME is placed in the 'Must Call' folder = Follow the Three Pearls of Wisdom including Customizing Your Resume and you are there! 
  • How to Optimize Your LinkedIn profile, so your DREAM JOB comes to you! = Repurpose your 4-Section Master Resume and customize 4 Sections of your LinkedIn Profile to see 3X More Jobs! 

As a Career Coach (Founder, Treasure Career Counseling) the following were the BIGGEST challenges and roadblocks consistently encountered by many job seekers...

  1. Using a resume writing service typically does not end well. Rather it results in big expenditures (often $500- $2000) and a resume that is written in a manner that does not reflect your communication style.
  2. ONE resume you quickly come to realize is only effective for ONE specific position (if you are lucky) and as a result disappointment and frustration continues as you apply for other roles, with little success.
  3. Having a basic skeleton profile on LinkedIn that is NOT optimized, results only in non-relevant job inquiries that are few and far between.

Craft & Customize an Irresistible 4-Section Resume & LinkedIn profile

1) We begin with a 1:1 coaching/job strategy session via video to guide and set you on the path to success.

2) Once you have completed 2nd draft of your resume I will review it and share specific feedback & recommendations. Likewise, I will review your LinkedIn Profile and share feedback

Master Class 1. Craft Your Four Section Resume (The format Hiring Managers always give the thumbs up to!)

Tutorial 1- Section 1 (Professional Summary)

Tutorial 2- Section 2 (Core Competencies)

Tutorial 3- Section 3 (Professional Experience)

Tutorial 4- Section 4 (Education and Optional Headers)

Tutorial 5- Find Your Resume Template  


Master Class 2. Make Your Resume Irresistible with 3-Steps/Pearls of Wisdom (& get the interview every time)

Self-Qualify for Success 

Tutorial 1- Self Qualify for Success - Am I genuinely qualified?

Tailor & Customize your resume (make it irresistible)

Tutorial 2- Customize your Professional Summary

Tutorial 3- Customize your Core Competencies

Tutorial 4- Customize your Professional Experience

Connect with the Hiring/Department Leader (Make It Personal)

Tutorial 5- Use the 3-step winning formula as you develop a Winning Email of Introduction (replaces the cover letter)

Tutorial 6- Sleuth the Title, Name & Email Address


***BONUS CLASS***  Optimize LinkedIn for 3x More Job Opportunities

The WHY behind using LinkedIn?

Tutorial 1- WHY it's critical to optimize your MINI Profile as well as your Full profile! LEARN about your MINI profile!

Tutorial 2- WHY it’s smart to use LinkedIn to Leverage and Build Your Network 

Tutorial 3- WHY LinkedIn is a great tool to build out your personal brand or platform as an industry Thought Leader? 

The HOW behind building an Optimized and Stellar LinkedIn Profile (step by step!)

Tutorial 4Your one and only Intro

Tutorial 5Awesome Articles

Tutorial 6Excellent Experience (& Job Titles) 

Tutorial 7- Fab Featured Skills

Tutorial 8Rock 'in Recommendations

  Effective 1:1 Coaching, resume & LI review & feedback, plus short and easy to digest video tutorials, workbooks, and Tips Sheets- so you can craft an irresistible resume and LinkedIn profile that will result in your DREAM JOB!








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