6 Ways to Get an Interview without Applying Online

interview job search resume Apr 01, 2018

1. Optimize your LinkedIn Profile.
Grab the recruiters attention in 6 seconds or less. Be easily searchable for the positions you’re interested in most. 

  • 100% of the candidates I have hired for my clients over the last 10+ years have come from my LinkedIn network or a referral from LinkedIn.
  • 89% of recruiters have made hires through LinkedIn (source Bullhorn)
  • Enroll in the LinkedIn Master Course to optimize your profile for 3x more jobs (and much more).

2. Make a Coffee or Lunch Date.
Reconnect with friends, past colleagues, and bosses who work with companies that are of interest to you. The higher degree of relevance these companies have to your current industry and work experience, the better. Networking is still one of the best ways to land your next role. 

3. Get a Personal Referral or Recommendation from an Internal Employee (ideally Manager level and above) 
A personal referral or introduction can and will open more doors to job opportunities (even if you are not the PERFECT candidate on paper, you can often still get a meeting because a current employee has given you the 'Thumbs up'). Both Hiring Manager and Recruiters (I can attest to this) will ALWAYS want to see a referral candidate before others!

4. Build a list of your current and past organization's top 20-30 competitors or companies in relevant industries.
Research the appropriate Department Leader for your functional area of expertise (1-2 levels above your current or ideal next role) at your chosen top 20-30 companies. Reach out to connect with these Department Leaders with the winning Email of Introduction (from the Essential Career Collection). In the Essential Career Collection, we dedicate 1 Master Class, 8 Tutorials, 4 Tip Sheets, and 2 Workbooks to helping you LOVE networking in the Essential Career Collection - Seven Step Online Master Course with 1:1 Coaching!

5. Tweet and Twitter.
You can find open positions by using hashtags like #hiring #jobs in combination with #functional area #expertise. Again, see if you can find an in-road to that company through a personal or mutual connection. Use the winning Email of Introduction to follow up. (Learn how with the 3-step formula, taught in the Essential Career Collection).

6. Position yourself as a Thought Leader or Subject Matter Expert.
Join relevant groups on LinkedIn, partake in industry discussions, and start to post and share articles on LinkedIn on a consistent basis. You will soon find yourself becoming more visible amongst your industry peers and leaders. Add a quick video on your LinkedIn profile to highlight your area of expertise and the value you can offer.



It's time for you to make your Career your priority! 

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