Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for 3X More Jobs!

LinkedIn is one of the TOP RECRUITMENT TOOLS used by hiring organizations!

  • 89% of recruiters have made hires through LinkedIn.
  • As a recruiter (Founder of Treasure Search Partners) EVERY candidate I have hired over the last 15 years has come via LinkedIn or my personal LinkedIn network.
  • Many of the professionals that I hired via LinkedIn, were not actively looking for a new role!

 This Master Class is designed to Optimize HOW you use LinkedIn and the RESULTS you'll see!

                         Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile (for 3X More Job Opportunities)

This master course is the perfect fit for you if:

  • Your resume is working like a dream (you get called for interviews 90-100% of the time when you submit your resume online)
  • You have a strong personal and professional network that you are seeing job opportunities from due to your nurturing efforts
  • You are confident that you can effectively prepare in advance for 85%+ of the questions you'll be asked in the interview, so you will ACE the interview  

(If you answered 'No' to any of the above, first please review either Craft'n Customize an Irresistible Resume or the Essential Career Collection Master Course

If your answers were 'Yes' all the way,  then you can look forward to:

  • Seven 7 effective, short and easy to digest video tutorials (plus 1 Tip Sheet) 

Tutorials 1-3: Highlights the GREAT VALUE LinkedIn can add to your job search and professional profile by simply taking advantage LinkedIn most effective capabilities.

  • WHY it's CRITICAL to OPTIMIZE your Mini and Full LinkedIn profile? Learn about your MINI profile and how to Optimize it! (The Mini Profile is what Hiring leaders and Recruiters use to decided to PASS or LEARN MORE! )
  • WHY LinkedIn is a great resource to grow and nurture your Network
  • WHY you should use LinkedIn as you begin to build out your Thought Leadership platform

Tutorials 4-8:  I'll walk you Step by Step through HOW to build an Optimized FULL LinkedIn Profile

  • The LinkedIn sections that have the biggest ROI for your profile are reviewed in detail and with lots of examples shared, so you can optimize them with ease. Profile Photo |Headline |Summary | Articles | Job Title | Experience | Featured Skills | Recommendations

> Plus a Tip Sheet, Develop an Optimized and Stellar LinkedIn profile 


Can a Recruiter Really Help Me Find My Next Job? 

> Learn 8 Ways to Ensure You Get the Most Out of Your Recruiter and Have Realistic Expectations on How Best to Find your Dream Job! (Includes a Tip Sheet) 

***1:1 Coaching For Enrolled Students ONLY. If you want to schedule a 1:1 Coaching or a Career Success Session you get priority access to my Calendar and a 15% discount off the regular $350 price. Your 1:1 Coaching Sessions is just $297 Schedule My Discounted Career Success Session 






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