4 Steps to Ensure You Get the Call to Interview

interview job search resume Jun 01, 2018

Are you tired of sending in your resume and not getting the opportunity to interview? I've heard this frustration time and time again. I've outlined 4 steps to overcome the main challenges that professionals of all levels are affected by when applying for positions of interest. 

If you'd rather watch me walk you through the step-by-step instructions, head over to my YouTube channel and watch my free video tutorial for step-by-step instructions about how to implement these steps.

Challenge #1 
On average over 75% of resumes sent by candidates are NOT qualified for the role -- which means, most candidates don't know how to effectively self-qualify for the role in question.

Step #1: Self-qualify for success.
Self-qualify with two key questions and you will know with certainty if you're qualified to apply for the position. You will then spend your time applying for positions that you’re genuinely qualified for and the hiring manager will want to interview you. Here are the two questions to ask yourself:

a.) Do my responsibilities today or in the past align directly to those listed in the job description (or are they highly relevant)? 

b.) Do I have the required skills, educational, and industry qualifications noted in the job description? 

Challenge #2
Most resumes do not clearly highlight the value and high degree of alignment the candidate's experience can offer the role. 

Step #2: Customize your resume.
Taking the time to tailor your resume will significantly increase your opportunity to get called to interview.
a.) Customize your resume to the job description and align your experience to what is noted in the job description.
b.) Use the ’Four Section Resume' framework to ensure you catch the eye of the recruiter from the very first words they read.

Challenge #3
Most candidates don't utilize connections they already have that could help them get a foot in the door.

Step #3:  Ask for a referral or introduction.
When you qualify yourself for a position, do some research to see if any past colleagues, peers, or friends may be currently employed at the organization. If so, ask the individual to make an introduction.

Challenge #4
Most candidates don't connect with the person who will be making the final decision to hire them (i.e. the hiring manager).

Step #4: Make it personal.
Be one of the few resourceful and proactive ones by taking the initiative to connect with the Hiring Manager with a personal note of introduction.
a.) Learn how to find the name, title, and email address of the Hiring Manager with our Tip Sheet.
b.) Write a winning Email of Introduction using the 3-step Goal-Problem-Solution (GPS) formula.

If you'd like a little more assistance in implementing these steps, watch my free video tutorial for step-by-step instructions. Or if you'd like more 1:1 coaching, redeem your free Career Consult today.


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