The 6 Best Resume Tips to Land the Interview

interview job search resume May 01, 2018

Having been a recruiter for 15+ years, I have screened, reviewed and REJECTED thousands of resumes. Less than 10% of resumes submitted are moved to a phone screen! 

The recruiter is one of the two gatekeepers between you and your next interview. The other gatekeeper is the ATS system (the online applicant tracking system). The ATS searches your resume for relevant keywords, content, and qualifications based off the Job Description you applied to!

'When I am asked to share my thoughts on how to write a great resume, there are two options that typically come up:

1.) Write your own resume (NEWS FLASH!!! If you can read this blog you can write your own resume!  Use the easy to follow step by step strategy that I teach that will result in your next interview! 
Use a resume service/writer (No guarantees it will work successfully! If it is not customized for the specific job description, which it typically is not, your chances to land multiple interviews will decrease by over 80%)

The most important Tip to remember

The goal of writing a resume is to land the interview, and to do this successfully your resume must mirror the job description closely! 

 To get you started, I have shared my Top 6 Resume Tips so you can begin to write an irresistible resume, which will result in 8X more job interviews when you next apply for a position of interest. If you love the tips I share, you can download my EXCLUSIVE Top 12 Resume Tips found on the homepage

The Best 6 Resume Tips to Land the Interview 

1. Use a resume format that is clear and easy to follow 
The 4-Section Resume is a winner every time. 
Professional Summary (Section 1) 
Core Competencies (Section 2) 
Professional Experience (Section 3) 
Education plus other optional headers (Section 4)

2. Your experience, job title, qualifications, and skills  must align with the job description (JD)
The resume that will get the call to interview will align clearly with the job description (JD). Use the JD to figure out if you are qualified for the role.  Ideally, you should be able to check-off that you have experience with 85% (minimum) of the JD's listed responsibilities, skills, and qualifications.

3. Customize your resume EVERY time. (It only takes 20 mins for a huge ROI)
No, you don't have to write a NEW resume for every role, instead have a 'Master' Resume, as your go-to foundational resume. Then customize your master resume (Section 1-3), using the job description you are applying to as your guide. Incorporate the EXACT keywords, job title, language, qualifications, skills and even mirror the sequence of the responsibilities listed in the job description you want to apply to and you'll see 5X more interview requests! Let me show you how! 

4. Don't create content from scratch.
 Use these creative ways to find relevant content that will speak to your area of expertise and your ideal next role. Copy and paste the content that aligns to your experience and resonates with your communication style as you write Sections 1-3 of your 4-Section resume:

  • Research open roles on,, or that have similar titles or responsibilities to your ideal next position. Incorporate the most relevant content that describes your current and past job responsibilities, skills and qualifications.
  • Review other LinkedIn profiles of people who are doing the role you are interested in today, to see what they have written.
  • Personalize the chosen content with Power Words.

5.  Grab the reader's attention immediately (remember you have less than 6 seconds!) The Professional Summary (Section 1) is a great value-add to your resume, as it allows you to pique the reader's interest from the very first words they read. An overview of your professional career and the personal value you can offer that aligns directly to the job description you are applying to (5-7 lines in length). Be sure to include:

  • Functional area of expertise + title
  • # of years experience
  • Industry
  • Environment
  • 3 Core Competencies that have allowed you to excel in your chosen field
  • Management experience or Cross-functional/Internal Partners
  • Education (if relevant or postgraduate degree)

Tip: You'll find all the content you'll need to incorporate for a GREAT Professional Summary, in the job description overview/ideal candidate and qualifications sections. 

6.  Properly position long stints of contract, consulting, or temporary work and always highlight your 'Achievements' too! 

If you have held a variety of marketing related and demand generation positions, over a 1-2 year period, I recommend using one job title or a dual job title that aligns to where you want to move next in your career. Then compile the dates worked at the various assignments into one broad date range instead of listing every assignment. For example:

Marketing/Demand Generation Consultant, San Francisco               6/16-6/18 
Then list the companies & industries you worked for underneath in italics, highlighting the following:

  • 4–8 bullets noting the various responsibilities held


  • 2-4 bullets noting your achievements or results


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