2019 is Your YEAR! (If you can answer 'Yes' to one question.)

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

Can you believe we are two weeks away from year-end? I know I can't, this year has flown by so quickly! A wow, what a year! And yes, I am ending it smiling! And you should be too because if you are reading this, it means you have made yourself and your career a priority.

I'm smiling, because I think my yoga practice has given me a tad more patience to deal with the 'delights' that my three kids share with me each day...and I have a long and happy list of professionals who I had the honor of working with over the last year, who are now happily employed!!  Whoop, Whoop! But such success does not happen overnight; it takes dedication, focus, motivation, and determination. (I'm still working on that flying pigeon or bird yoga move too)

If you are like me, as the year closes, you like to do a quick year-end review. Did I reach some, all, or any of the goals I set for myself, 12 long months ago?

Many of us start each year with a fresh list of personal and professional goals…with life and its unexpected turns and twists, it can be challenging to meet them all. But celebrate your successes no matter how small or large, because sometimes the most modest changes or redirects can have the most significant impact on our lives!

Yesterday, I got a fabulous email from a wonderful lady who wrote to thank me for the advice I shared during a coaching call. She had been looking to move into a different role and up this point had not been having the success she wanted landing interviews. After speaking to her and learning about her background, I suggested, ‘when customizing your resume, or preparing for an interview focus on sharing detail and specifics around what you have done in your current and past roles, that aligns directly to the role you want next. Speak to your strengths and the value you can bring based on your current or past professional experience, that relates to your ideal next position.’  She put my suggestions into play, not only did it help her focus on what was most relevant to her prospective employers but also helped boost her self-confidence! She landed her next three interviews and is starting a new job in January!! Well done, Priya! (A small redirect in strategy and approach combined with the persistence to achieve her goal, resulted in a BIG SUCCESS!)

So, as you think back over the last year, the goals you achieved (personal & professional) first of all give yourself KUDOS, because you earned them.  Whether it's committing to yoga class 3X a week or changing your job search strategy, as Priya did, both had the desired results. 

For those of you who still feel stuck in a rut, write down the 3 top things you want to achieve. Ask yourself one simple question ‘Am I willing to commit to doing whatever it takes to get there?’

If you can’t say ‘yes’ to the question above, then you also can’t say ‘Woe is me’ for not achieving it.

But it's not that simple, I hear you say...'Oh, but it is.'  Either you are committed or not. This no-nonsense approach may seem black or white, but I promise you it comes from the heart and my desire to empower proactive professionals with the knowledge they need to land their dream job.  I believe if you are happy in the workplace where you spend more hours than anywhere else, you’ll be more likely to walk in the door each evening a happy person! 

The simple truth is that most people aren't that committed. ‘Sure, they want to get ahead and make more money, but they don’t really want to do the extra work to get there—not to mention the extra work that comes with being promoted to a bigger job.’ (source; Forbes, Korn Ferry, CEO)

But that isn’t everyone. It isn’t YOU. You are part of the 20% who are ready to commit and go the extra mile. Everything about you, says ‘I’ll get it done whatever it takes,' and most importantly you are ready to learn and master what you need to stand out and get hired in 2019.

If you are thinking of kicking off your job search check a short youtube video where I outline ‘How to have an organized and successful job search, that doesn't take over your life!’

But in the meantime, I wanted to wish you & your family a year of health, happiness, adventure, success and a lot of mischief & fun.

Over the next week(s), take a break, celebrate your successes from 2018, connect with your family and friends, unplug for a week or a day, take a walk, get energized and excited for your dream job awaits in 2019!


It's time for you to make your Career your priority! 

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