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Write an Irresistible 4-Section Resume & LinkedIn profile

DID YOU KNOW? FACT #1. Learn to position yourself as a Top Candidate on your resume, and you'll get 5X more interviews.   Your resume and your LinkedIn Profile are the first points of contact that a Hiring Leader or a Recruiter will have with 99.9% of job seekers and professionals. So it makes sense to develop an IRRESISTIBLE ...

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Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for 3X More Jobs!

LinkedIn is one of the TOP RECRUITMENT TOOLS used by hiring organizations! 89% of recruiters have made hires through LinkedIn. As a recruiter (Founder of Treasure Search Partners) EVERY candidate I have hired over the last 15 years has come via LinkedIn or my personal LinkedIn network. Many of the professionals that I hired via Li...

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Ace the Interview with Confidence

Learn to HOW to anticipate the job-specific questions likely to be asked!  If you have a job description that you are due to interview for, send it on, and I will show you how to break it down into 3-6 actionable sections that you can anticipate and prepare answers to questions that are likely to be asked during the interview! Feelin...

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How to Get Hired! 1:1 Coaching Program (mid-level professional)

Mid-Level Professionals, with two-plus years of experience under your belt, should be feeling confident about your career achievements to date, but I know many of you instead are... Feeling unsure, anxious or scared about how to evolve your career to the next level. Wondering about that promotion and salary increase you have your eye on...

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How to Get Hired! 1:1 Coaching Program (Director- C' level professionals)

Do any of the following resonate with your experience? Unexpected company re-organization Out of a job after 15 or 30-years of continuous employment Haven't developed a resume in years and are wondering where to start Extended absence from the workforce For the first time, your network hasn't provided the next opportunity Need to switch ...

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