Mid Level - Essential Career Collection Master Course

Mid-Level Professionals, with three-plus years of experience under your belt, you should be feeling confident about your career achievements to date, but I know many of you instead are...

  • Feeling unsure, anxious or scared about how to evolve your career to the next level?
  • Wondering about that promotion and salary increase you have your eye on?
  • Feeling stuck in a role, that no longer challenges or motivates you?
  • What you want is a position that will inspire, challenge and energize you and provide future growth opportunities, but frankly don't know how to start to search for a new position!
  • Or maybe you want to simply return to the workplace after taking 5, 8 or 10 years off to raise your kids, travel or take care of a loved one?

Ready to commit to learning and mastering the skills, techniques that will give you the knowledge and confidence to find your next job with success?

 Personal Coaching 

  • Job-search strategy session

We start with a 45-minute job-strategy session to pinpoint the core areas of challenge and I develop a customized action plan for you to follow.

  • Resume review

Send your final or 2nd round draft of your resume for review and feedback. This can be completed 1:1 over the phone or via email

  • One Hour of 1:1 coaching or mock interview

After completing tutorials 5-7 and the post-tutorial exercises, time for your mock interview

Essential Career Collection Syllabus

(Three-part formula to find your next position) 


1. Craft Your Four Section Resume (The format Hiring Managers always give the thumbs up to!)

Tutorial 1- Section 1 (Professional Summary)

Tutorial 2- Section 2 (Core Competencies)

Tutorial 3- Section 3 (Professional Experience)

Tutorial 4- Section 4 (Education and Optional Headers)

Tutorial 5- Find Your Resume Template  


2. Make Your Resume Irresistible with 3-Steps/Pearls of Wisdom (& get the interview every time!)

Self Qualify for Success 

Tutorial 1- Self Qualify for Success - Am I genuinely qualified?

Tailor & Customize your resume (make it irresistible)

Tutorial 2- Customize your Professional Summary

Tutorial 3- Customize your Core Competencies

Tutorial 4- Customize your Professional Experience

Connect with the Hiring/Department Leader (Make It Personal)

Tutorial 5- Use the 3-step winning formula as you develop a Winning Email of Introduction

Tutorial 6- Sleuth the Title, Name & Email Address


3. Optimize LinkedIn for 3x More Job Opportunities

The WHY behind using LinkedIn?

Tutorial 1- WHY it's critical to optimize your MINI Profile as well as your Full profile! LEARN about your MINI profile!

Tutorial 2- WHY its smart to use LinkedIn to Leverage and Build Your Network 

Tutorial 3- WHY LinkedIn is a great tool to build out your personal brand or platform as an industry Thought Leader? 

The HOW behind building an Optimized and Stellar LinkedIn Profile (step by step!)

Tutorial 4Your one and only Intro

Tutorial 5Awesome Articles

Tutorial 6Excellent Experience (& Job Titles) 

Tutorial 7- Fab Featured Skills

Tutorial 8Rock'in Recommendations


4. Build Out Your Network for 2X More Job Opportunities

Grow Your Personal Network

Tutorial 1- Networking with Friends 

Tutorial 2 –Research the Person and Company

Tutorial 3- Ask for the Introduction 

Tutorial 4- Develop a Winning Email of Introduction

Grow Your Professional Network

Tutorial 5- Build Out Your Professional Network

Tutorial 6- Research The Company and Team

Tutorial 7- Say bye to the tired old cover letter and instead develop a Winning Email of Introduction using the 3-step formula!

Tutorial 8- Sleuth the Title, Name & Email Address

Tutorial 9- Final Tips for Continued Networking Success


 5. Ace the Phone Interview (Boost your confidence by 100%)

Tutorial 1- Researching the Company

Prepare In Advance for Interview Questions

Tutorial 2- STAR Stories (Learn how to anticipate and answer the position-specific questions you have to ace!)

Tutorial 3- The 26 Top General Interview Questions & Answers! (Begin to develop your answers and practice your delivery for the toughest and General Interview Questions) 

Tutorial 4- Questions For You to Ask (Ask about salary if the recruiter wants to move you forward in the process!) You can jump to Master Class 7 to confidently learn how to drive and own the salary conversation!

Communication Style 

Tutorial 5- Your Communications Style and Final Tips for Success


6. WOW the In-Person Interview

Tutorial 1- Pre-Interview Preparation (Continue Company Research)

Prepare In Advance for Interview Questions

Tutorial 2- STAR Stories (Continue to develop, write and practice your STAR stories that'll be the perfect answer for position-specific questions)

Tutorial 3- The 26 Top General Interview Questions & Answers! (Continue to develop, write and practice your verbal delivery of the toughest General Interview Questions!)

Tutorial 4- Questions for You to Ask 

Tutorial 5- Your Body Language -The Powerful Effect it has on You and Others 

Tutorial 6- During the Interview - Continue to Wow that Interview

Tutorial 7- Post interview - Final Tips for Success  


 7.    Negotiate your Salary (Get paid your worth)

Tutorial 1- Own the Salary Conversation (Get a 5 - 20K raise or more!)

*Bonus Tutorials for Mid-Level Professionals 

  • Bonus Tutorial #1. Feeling stuck in a well-paying role that no longer challenges or inspires you 
  • Bonus Tutorial #2. Absent from the workplace for an extended period? How to position this absence in your resume and during the interview, so you will still be seen as an 'A candidate
  • Bonus Tutorial #3. Can a recruiter help me land my next job? Insider tips on how to work successfully with a Recruiter
  • Bonus Tutorial #4. How to ensure you get that promotion!
  • Bonus Tutorial #5. How to move from Sr. Manager to Director level? 

You will soon feel empowered with your new found knowledge. Once you begin to actively work on the post-tutorial exercises i.e., compiling company research, crafting your resume & customizing it, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, qualifying yourself for the role you are interested in pursuing, crafting answers to questions and practicing your verbal delivery etc., you will start seeing your desired results! 

  • Get the opportunity to interview
  • WOW the Interview with confidence
  • Get the job offers you want

and much more...

Whatever your top challenge is, let's get started, today!

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