Staying ahead of it! ...Reach your career goals with the 'Two-Step ACTION' plan

job search Jan 14, 2019

As we jump into the new year, we can sometimes get over enthusiastic with all our goals and plans for the year ahead. I know I do! My suggestion is to select your top 3 goals (personal, career, & life) and then CIRCLE one top priority!  Then follow my  ‘Clarify for Change'  and my 'Two-Step Action' Plan which will get you well on your way to achieving your top goal.

Clarify for Change! For example, if your top priority was ‘I need to a change my work environment or find a new job’, here are some helpful questions to CLARIFY some important 'Why's and What's' before moving forward.

  1. Why do I want to move roles or find a new job? (There can be several reasons… Is a full 360 required or just some minor tweaks or changes to keep you engaged and happy professionally (& personally)
  2. What do I feel will be different for me (or my family) if I make a change?
  3. What is the ultimate goal of finding a new job/company?
    • Think both short term and long-term goals. Remember when you start a new job, you need to re-establish yourself, build your value and your reputation = nose to the grindstone for 3-6 months and a job search does take time and effort.)
    • What does your ideal next role/company/ opportunity look like? Make a list of what the deal breakers are for your next role.
  4. Are there opportunities yet to be explored within my current organization (other departments), or do you need to look externally for your next opportunity?
  5. Am I ready to put in the work required to make my Top priority a reality in 2019? (This has to be a YES! See the blog I posted in Dec.)

BE HONEST!! Sometimes it is just not the right time for a major change or a new time commitment, and that is 100% ok!! Don't beat yourself up about it; next year will be here before you know it.

However, if you are ready to make the changes needed to reach your No. 1 career goal, …let’s get started so you can 'stay ahead of it!' A favorite quote and mantra that one of best friends lives by professional and personally! And yes, he is a very happy and successful guy all around! 

The Two-Step Action Plan 

Sheila's situation “I love my current company boss and don’t really want to leave my company, but I’m ready for my next career challenge’.

Step  1. Talk to your boss (schedule a meeting with your boss – tell him you want to talk about your career growth and discuss how you can add even more value to the team this year). Before your meeting:

  • Write down what you love about your role
  • Highlight the value you have added in the last 1-2 years- Be specific
  • Note the areas you are interested in gaining more experience around. Be specific
  • Have suggestions or a plan to share on how you can lead or manage a project that would add value to the team or organization. Be specific
  • Ask your boss how you can gain new experience or if there are upcoming projects that she feels would benefit from your talents that you can get involved with or lead.

Step 2. Look at other opportunities within your company/organization. 

  • If you have relationships built up with cross-functional team members or with other departments, reach out to them to learn more about them and how or if your experience would be transferable.
  • Check out jobs that are posted in different departments that may be of interest. The fact that you have an excellent reputation built up and are a proven performer often give you the opportunity you need, to move within the organization.


Tom's situation, ‘I’m done! Tired of company politics, the revolving door at management level, and lack of growth opportunities - I’m ready for a new environment and career challenges where I can add value to my team and grow my own skills set!’ 

Step 1. Get your professional story in order, so your prospective employer knows the value you can bring via both resume and LinkedIn

  • Develop a kickass resume that clearly articulates your value based on where you want to move your career next! 
  • Optimize your LI profile so recruiters and hiring managers can EASILY find you, and identify the value you can offer to their teams and org. … and just like that, your dream job may land in your inmail box!

Or have your resume and LinkedIn developed by Saoirse and team in 3-5 days! 

Step 2. Find your next job!  THERE ARE 3 WAYS to find a job – it’s that simple!  These tips will get you started.

Option 1 - Have your next job come to you!

  • Ensure recruiters and hiring managers can EASILY find you, and identify the value you can offer to their teams and hiring organizations by optimizing your LI profile  … and just like that, your dream job may land in your inmail box!

Option 2. Leverage & Build Your Network (Spend 1-2 hours 2-3X a week developing your network. Use a google doc spreadsheet to stay org.)

  • Personal Network: Extend your thinking beyond former colleagues, cross-functional peers, and supervisors.

What about the people with whom you socialize? Where do your kids’ friends parents work? Where does your yoga or gym buddy work? Your Uncles/Aunts/ their friends, college alumni?  

- Use LinkedIn to do your research to find out where the above people work today.

- If the company is of interest or has relevant open positions, connect over coffee, or lunch to learn more!

(Saoirse suggests, once you have at least 20 contacts listed out on your spreadsheet who are at companies of interest – add them to a communications calendar and follow-up 1X every 8-12 weeks)

  • Professional network (95% of employers want to hire candidates from a competitor or that come from a relevant industry)

If you know for sure, you don't want to stay in your current organization, get and stay on the radar of the companies and hiring leaders of interest, that you can add value too.

  • Make a list of the top competitors of your current company and past companies, i.e. B2B SaaS online collaboration, B2B SaaS Analytics
  • Make a list of companies in a similar industry, i.e., B2B SaaS

Research the companies that would fall under both lists:

  • Reach out to connect to the most appropriate Dept. Leader, introduce yourself, & share the value you can offer in a brief email.

(Saoirse suggests, once you have your target companies and Hiring Leaders listed out on a spreadsheet, add them to a communications calendar and follow-up 1X every 8-12 weeks. **Add target companies and leaders to Hubspot (free CRM) for easy calendar reminders)

Option 3. Online Job Boards (Search firms/Staffing Agencies) Spend 1-1.5 hours 2-3X a week searching online via,,, etc.  (Pro Tip: Apply to roles you'll be regarded as a top candidate)

Where do I find the additional 1-2 hours 3 times a week? 

  • Put your favorite TV show on the back burner for the next 2-3X a week
  • Plan to get up 1-2 hours earlier one morning at the weekend and one morning during the week to ensure you ‘stay ahead of it!’ (‘it’ being your top priority or goal at any given time, in this case landing your next position.)

Your job search doesn’t have to be overwhelming nor does it need to take over your life…Use the 1, 2 Action Plan to reach your next career goal,  or join me in the How to Get Hired 1:1 Coaching Program! 


It's time for you to make your Career your priority! 

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